Path Forward’s Fall 2017 San Francisco Program to include PayPal, Medallia, Stripe, LendingClub and Quantcast

We are launching our fall 2017 Path Forward program in the San Francisco Bay Area with PayPal, Medallia, Stripe and LendingClub. Click the links to learn more about each company.

PayPal launched their inaugural return-to-work program, Recharge, last year in partnership with Path Forward, and following its success, PayPal is expanding its fall 2017 program aimed at recruiting fifteen new “returnees” for 16-week paid internships and kicking off their program with a two-week return to work bootcamp. Medallia is building on their spring 2017 program by recruiting for a second, larger group of returnees this fall. Stripe and LendingClub are looking to bring on their first groups of returnees.

As a part of the program, our partners are offering paid return to work internships starting in September and October 2017. Path Forward works with partners to bring workshops, professional development and networking opportunities to caregivers who are returning to work. These opportunities span a wide range of functions including marketing, professional services, HR and engineering.

The Path Forward program is open to mid-career professionals who have at least 5 years of professional experience and are looking to return to work after taking a career pause of at least two years for caregiving. Click here to see current available job listings. Additional listings will be posted next week.

To kick off the program, we’ll be hosting a free Career Restart Seminar on August 8th from 3 pm-5 pm where you will have a chance to meet recruiters from PayPal, Medallia, Stripe and LendingClub. Path Forward’s Executive Director, Tami Forman, will also be presenting information on how to restart your career with a return to work internship and offer advice on how to apply. Fill out this form to get an invite to the seminar.

Stay tuned to our site and newsletter for updated job listings from our partners. If you want more information about bringing a Path Forward program to your company, fill out this form or email us at


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