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PayPal is offering two free Recharge bootcamps in partnership with Path Forward. Recharge Bootcamps are two-week long training sessions where participants learn technical and professional skills to get up-to-date on current practices. We have a limited number of seats of available, so apply today. The deadline to apply is July 21You can still apply for an open Recharge role after the bootcamp. 

Details About Recharge Bootcamp

The Recharge Bootcamp is made up of two parallel tracks, and both tracks will include professional development topics that range from improving presentation skills to giving and receiving feedback.   

  1. Agile – This track is targeted toward future product owners, product managers, scrum masters, and project managers
  2. Full Stack Development – This track is targeted towards future developers and will deal with topics dealing with frontend, services, and infrastructure

Location: PayPal’s San Jose office – 2211 North First Street San Jose, CA 95131

Dates: July 31 – August 11

Time: 9 am – 5 pm daily (breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided)

FAQ’s & How To Apply:

Q: What is the Recharge Program at PayPal?

At PayPal, we are rethinking how to provide diverse solutions to real-world challenges. In partnership with Path Forward, the Recharge program encourages skilled women technologists who have taken a career break for personal or family reasons to feel equipped to return to the workforce.

We are updating our site with more information about the upcoming open roles, but you can read more about our Recharge program here.

Q: Who should apply?

Are you a technical woman who has taken a career break? Or perhaps you have taught yourself to code, but you don’t have any industry work experience. If this describes you, then you should apply for our Recharge program. Specifically, we are looking for women who have been out of the workforce for at least 1-2 years but are ready to jump back into technical roles.

Q: Is the Bootcamp really free?  What is the catch?

Yes, the bootcamp is free! There is no catch. Please make sure you are available to attend a bootcamp in San Jose, CA from July 31 to August 11.  If you are chosen to attend, you will need to arrange for your own housing and transportation, but there will be no cost to attend the bootcamp.

Q: What is your curriculum for the Recharge Bootcamp Agile Track?

During the Agile Track, we will cover the following courses, among other professional development topics and soft skills. Previous technical skills are not required for this track, but you should have some technical proficiency and the ability to understand technical concepts.

  • Agile Fundamentals: This session will give you a solid grounding in how you can apply Agile values and principles using practices proven to be hugely effective, and particularly so at PayPal.  We take a very hands-on approach, as well as providing you with useful information, all designed to help you excel in your job here.
  • Product Owner Skills: Knowing how to be responsible for your team to produce the highest value work as quickly as possible is a major contribution to PayPal’s success. In this session, you will learn how to participate in product-owner meetings, how to prioritize, what you should be talking about and why, and how to manage all of the documentation. Basically, you will learn how to get your job done — and do it well.
  • Scrum Master Skills: This session will equip you with practical skills as well as the background to understand why these skills are effective. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how Agile uncovers better and better ways of achieving results, and how you can support both your team and dependent teams so we are all wildly successful. You will learn what is expected of a scrum master, how a scrum master helps his or her team be truly high performing, and how to produce excellent results.

Q: What is your curriculum for the Recharge Bootcamp Full Stack Developer Track?

During this track, you will pick up Java, JavaScript/Node, and infrastructure skills as a full stack developer.  With the help of PayPal’s frameworks and infrastructure, you will learn how you can build an app and deploy it to be used by millions of people around the world.  You will also cover other professional development topics and soft skills.

  • Java Development – Core Java Review, Intro to Spring,/Spring Batch/Sprint to Boot
  • JavaScript Development – HTML/CSS, JavaScript Basics, Node Basics
  • General Development – Globalization, Open/Inner Source, Atlassian Jira/Confluence
  • PayPal Systems and Infrastructure – Systems Architecture, Managed Stages, Cloud

Q: How do I apply for the Recharge Bootcamp?

Please send an email to by July 20 and include the following:

Subject: Interest in Recharge Bootcamp in San Jose, CA from July 31 – August 11

Include the following information:

  • First/Last name
  • Email address
  • Contact phone
  • Please tell us what type of roles you would be interested in applying for after the Bootcamp
  • Track preference: Agile or Full Stack Developer
  • Attach your Resume  
  • I confirm that if selected, I am available to attend a Bootcamp in San Jose, CA from July 31 – August 11 – <indicate YES/NO >
  • I understand that I will need to provide my own housing and transportation – <indicate YES/NO>

Q: What happens after I apply?

As part of the application process, we need to run a background check.  You will be sent a link to provide some personal information.

Q: What is the deadline to apply?

The deadline to apply is July 21, but apply ASAP as seats will be filled as we receive resumes.

Q: How will if I know if I am selected to attend?

We will review all applications and notify you of your status by July 26th via email and/or phone.

Q: Can I share this information with other candidates?


Q: If I apply for the bootcamp, can I still apply for a Recharge role?

The Bootcamp is a new offering for our Recharge program.  The Recharge roles and the Bootcamp are two separate offerings.  You can apply for the Bootcamp and the Recharge roles or just one.  The choice is yours.  While we would love to see you pursue a role at PayPal, you are free to pursue roles anywhere in tech!  We are hoping to help you Recharge your career!

Still have questions, comments, or concerns? Email