Path Forward Announces Expansion of its Returnship Program into Austin

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Path Forward is excited to announce the launch of its first returnship program in Austin. After launching successful programs in Silicon Valley, New York, Los Angeles and Denver, Path Forward will be helping Austin companies connect with the diverse talent pool of professionals looking to return to the workforce after taking a break for caregiving. The inaugural Austin round will include Path Forward partners Cloudflare, Medallia, and Return Path. Path Forward has also invited select Austin companies to come to a special event on Tuesday, February 12 at Capital Factory, where they will have the chance to learn more about the growing trend of returnships and have the opportunity to join Path Forward’s first Austin program. If you are an HR leader or executive based in Austin and you would like to attend this event, please sign up here, or email us to receive an invitation.

“We’re so excited to bring Path Forward’s program to Austin, because we know it can help fast-growing and innovative companies access to a pool of highly-skilled and experienced professionals seeking career reentry,” says Tami Forman, founding chief executive of Path Forward, which has implemented returnships for more than 40 companies including Apple, Walmart, PayPal, Verizon Digital Media Services, Intuit and NBC Universal.

Returnships, also known as mid-career internships, have increased in popularity over the last few years. These programs, aimed at women and men with prior career experience who have taken a career break, usually to accommodate caregiving responsibilities, have seen benefits for all involved. Approximately 80% of returnees who complete a Path Forward returnship secure ongoing employment at the companies where they completed their returnship. In turn, partnering companies find and retain diverse talent with a proven track record.

Path Forward has run successful returnship programs with Cloudflare, Medallia, and Return Path in San Francisco and New York, and is excited to be expanding their programs to their Austin offices. Cloudflare initially partnered with Path Forward as a way to grow our talent pool to include the best and the brightest, and we’ve been lucky to find amazing employees who have brought a diverse set of skills and life experience to our headquarters,” said Janet Van Huysse, Head of People at Cloudflare. “As we expand our partnership with Path Forward into Austin, we hope other companies join us to bring smart, creative, seasoned candidates into their ranks.”

Tech companies in particular face unique hiring challenges, as rapid growth collides with a perceived shortage of skilled candidates. Return to work programs can bridge the gap between hiring managers who perceive risks in hiring those with resume gaps and the seasoned professionals who have been overlooked despite their years of experience.

“I love seeing Austin connect into powerful national movements like Path Forward,” said Joshua Baer, founder & CEO of Capital Factory. “Like all fast-growing tech cities, talent and job mobility are major challenges and if we are going to fill all the jobs that are coming, we are going to need to tap every source of talent available. We cannot afford to leave seasoned, experienced professionals sitting on the sidelines. I personally know many people in my circle who’ve taken time off to raise their kids or take care of a parent who would make any company’s dream employee.”

If you’re interested in joining Path Forward’s event on Tuesday, February 12th to learn more, please sign up here. If you want to speak with someone at Path Forward about bringing a return to work program to your company, please email

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