California Tech Companies Help Moms Rejoin the Workforce

Today is a very big day for Path Forward! Go Daddy, Demandbase, CloudFlare, Coursera, Instacart and Zendesk are all partnering with us to launch return to work programs in their California locations. (Click the links to see all their listings and read more about the program in our press release.)

We know this program changes the lives of women and their families — nearly 90% of the people who’ve participated in our programs are now employed. And we know that the program has the power to connect more companies to the talent they need to drive their businesses — nearly 80% of the participants go offered a job where they interned.

And this program has been very successful, specifically, in bringing women back to tech careers, at some amazing companies. One woman, Swati Udas, leveraged the PayPal program to land a job at Google. Another, Shashi Dokania, profiled in this piece on CNET, was a former tax analyst who taught herself to code while taking care of two young boys. She was rejected by 70 tech companies before she was accepted into the PayPal program where she was offered a full-time opportunity. Lisa Stephens, profiled in this piece on the WSJ, had taken a 20-year break for her career to raise her two boys and is now happily employed as a software engineer at Return Path. Tricia Slovacek accepted a position at Intel as a firmware engineer after completing the October return to work program that we ran in Colorado.

I could go on and on. The women I’ve met through this program are amazing — motivated, passionate and ready to achieve results. Nevertheless, they all had trouble breaking back into the workplace. In fact, the Center for Talent Innovation estimates that 90% of women who take time away from their careers attempt to return and yet only 40% of them are able to land full-time jobs. And it’s not for lack of skills or experience. As the examples above show, these women have the knowledge and motivation to be successful. It’s bias that keeps them from getting hired. When you then consider that to an unemployment rate in Silicon Valley is less than 4% that seems crazy! We can’t afford to leave amazing and talented women sitting on the sidelines when there is work to be done.

For the California program the partners are all taking applications now. The opportunities include openings in engineering, marketing, and sales and “returnees” will be onboarded in October 2016.

Go Daddy, Demandbase, CloudFlare, Coursera, Instacart and Zendesk have each made an important commitment to this program and I can’t wait to meet the amazing people they will be bringing into their companies.

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