Congratulations PayPal!

Last week, I was at PayPal’s San Jose, California HQ to celebrate the completion of their first Path Forward return to work program. The program, which they dubbed “Recharge,” had 9 participants, all in software engineering. Since February they have been working hard and the celebration was a chance to mark their completion of the program and look eagerly to their future.

Opening the graduation was RC Johnson, PayPal’s extraordinary program manager, thanking everyone that contributed to making the program a success. He introduced executive sponsor, MJ Austin. MJ spoke about how excited she was to be a part of the movement to bring women back to tech. She thanked PayPal for spearheading the movement and she addressed the participants, saying how inspirational it was to see what these women have accomplished.

Then, each of of the program participants gave a 5-minute presentation of their time at PayPal. It was clear from their presentations that each one of them worked on mission-critical projects that had a real impact on PayPal.  

Then it was my turn. I told a few stories around the themes of grit, determination and achieving a challenging goal. I’m so proud of each of them and what they accomplished. They all have very bright futures ahead. Many of them will continue their careers at PayPal and others will move on to other companies. In the years to come I expect each of them will continue to make a big impact on any team they join.

To learn more about PayPal’s program, read their blog post and check out this amazing video: