Get Inspired for a Career Restart in 2021

2021 is almost upon us! This past year has been especially tough for caregivers and parents, and even though there’s no particular magic to January 1, the beginning of the year still gives you a chance to make a fresh start in your personal life and your career. And it is a great time to look for a new job, because it’s the most popular time for companies to post roles and make hires. We’ve got some new partner companies and returnships coming up, so stay tuned to our newsletter as we announce new opportunities!

There are some ways you can lay the groundwork now for next year’s job search. In between building snowmen with your kids or planning how to ring in the New Year, you can use this downtime to update your resume, strengthen your network by reaching out to old coworkers and friends, and to write out and practice telling your personal story

No matter how you plan to spend the closing weeks of December, now is a great time to put yourself in the right mindset for next year’s return to work search. To help you get motivated, we’ve made two small “gifts” for you:

  • Crank up Path Forward’s 2021 Career Restart playlist, full of empowering songs that will keep you energized throughout your journey!
  • Download this free infographic of Top 10 Tips To Restart Your Career in 2021, with the best practices to keep in mind to achieve your goals in the new year. Every one of the ideas comes directly from a successful Path Forward grad. These are the tried and true strategies that have helped many brilliant people find career restart success. 

We hope this dose of inspiration and motivation helps you get amped up for an amazing year ahead. Enjoy the holidays and we’ll see you in 2021!