New Return to Work Opportunities in Colorado! Join Path Forward’s Career Restart Seminar

Looking to restart your career in the Denver and Boulder area? Path Forward will be kicking off our fall return to work program with another one of our popular Career Restart Seminars on June 5 at TTEC’s office in Englewood, Colorado. At the event you will have a chance to meet recruiters TTEC. Path Forward’s Executive Director, Tami Forman, will also be presenting information on how to restart your career with a return to work internship and offer advice on how to apply to the program.

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About TTEC’s Return to Work Program

Path Forward is excited to partner with TTEC to offer 16-week paid return to work internships starting in fall of 2018. Path Forward will work with managers from TTEC to develop and implement the internships, and bring workshops, professional development, and networking opportunities to at-home caregivers who are seeking to re-enter the workforce.

About Path Forward

The Path Forward program is open to women and men who have at least 5 years of professional experience and are looking to return to work after taking a career pause of at least two years or more for caregiving. If you know someone who is looking to return to work, please share this information with them.

The Path Forward program originally began as a program at Return Path, which has a large office in Broomfield, Colorado. Return Path expanded its program in 2015 by creating a community consortium that included seven other local companies. In 2016, Return Path’s CEO, Matt Blumberg, launched Path Forward as a nonprofit to bring return to work programs to more employers and empower even more people to relaunch their careers.

Our program soon expanded into California with PayPal and Verizon Digital Media Services, among other companies. We now work with more than 35 companies in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, in addition to Denver. In the coming weeks, we’ll be announcing more partnerships in all of our markets. Stay tuned to our site and newsletter for updates. If you want more information about bringing a Path Forward program to your company, fill out this form or email us at [email protected].