Use Path Forward’s Resource Roundup to Return to Work

If your goal is to return to work, you’re in luck – because we’ve got all the resources and opportunities you need.

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To help you hit the ground running, we’ve collected all of our most valuable tips and advice on returning to work into one definitive guide. No matter where you are in your job hunt, explore our trove of advice on everything from strategizing for your return to following up after a job interview:

Prepare for your career return:
Finding Your Why
Rethinking Your Career Path After Your Break
Salary Expectations When Returning to Work
How to Showcase Your Skills and Stand Out On Your Job Application
Countering Ageism and The ‘Overqualified’ Label

Build a strong network, on LinkedIn and beyond:
The Best Ways to Network – And Why You’re Already Doing It
How to Create a Great Elevator Pitch
How to Decide Whether to Call Our Your Career Break on LinkedIn
How To Reach Out to Old Colleagues
How To Ask For Recommendations on LinkedIn
5 Ways to Connect and Grow Your Network Virtually
What To Do When LinkedIn Requests Aren’t Successful
How To Network Without Feeling ‘Icky’
Tips For Finding Your Tribe
Doing Informational Interviews the Right Way

Reskill and upskill to fit your career goals:
The Soft Skills Useful in Today’s Workplace
How to Figure Out Which Tech Skills are Relevant In Your Industry
Free Resources to Uplevel Your Coding Skills

Write the perfect resume and cover letter:
How to Represent Your Career Gap on a Resume (With Templates)
Writing a Resume After (More Than) a Few Years Out Of the Workforce

Translating Non-Work Experience Into Business Language
Telling Your Story When You’ve Been on a Career Break
How to Write a Good Cover Letter

Search for opportunities and apply:
Why Job Boards Are Where Dreams Go to Die
How to Build a Job Search Routine That Works For You
Don’t 100% Match the Job Description? How to Decide If You Should Apply

Interview and follow up flawlessly:
7 Tips For a Successful Video Interview
Master Behavioral Questions With the ‘STAR’ Method
What to Do Before, During, and After a Successful Job Interview
How To Justify Your Career Gap – And Bring It Up In An Interview
Thank You Notes Are Not Optional – And Other Advice For Job Follow Up
The Importance of Doing an Interview Post-Mortem

Get inspired and stay driven:
Staying Motivated In a Tough Job Search
How to Keep Going
Path Forward’s Return to Work Playlist (on Spotify)

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Skills Update

Career Pivots


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