What We Are Grateful For This Year

This year is definitely testing our ability to find gratitude. It’s been a hard year.

But it’s also offering us a chance to appreciate the many good things we have, and especially to appreciate the people in our lives who make all that we do a little better, a little easier, a little more meaningful.

At Path Forward, here are the people we are grateful for, this year and every year …

Each other: It’s not easy working at a small workforce development organization during a pandemic that causes the economy to freeze and hiring to stop nearly everywhere. But our team rallied and managed to pivot our events online and offer our partners and returnees virtual support. And, we were all there for each other through the many ups and downs of the year.

Our partners: Our employers stood by us and embraced the opportunity to turn returnships virtual. They offered returnees even more flexibility and accommodations to make work and life fit during the many disruptions we all experienced.

Our alumni: Our graduate community is now nearly 500 strong and it is full of simply amazing women and men who have stepped up time and again this year. They inspired us at webinars, shared details of their restarts in success stories, and made generous donations to support our efforts in the future.

Our Board: We have an incredible group of inspiring leaders who donate their time and energy to make sure Path Forward stays strong and vibrant and grows to meet the increasing challenges faced by caregivers trying to return to the paid workforce.

YOU: We are grateful for you, the many members of our community who’ve become part of our movement to empower caregivers to return to the workforce. Your tenacity, perseverance and grit remind us, every day, of what can be accomplished when you just keep putting one foot in front of the other. And if there’s a lesson we all needed in 2020, that was it.

Thank you to everyone who was part of Path Forward this year.