[email protected] Fall Roundup

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At Path Forward, we seek to help women find a joyful balance between finding career success and maintaining a happy personal life. To amplify that message, I’m writing a weekly column for [email protected].

This fall, I’ve discussed restarting your career, managing your time, and getting over networking anxiety. While these columns are written for a broad audience, the advice in many of them can apply specifically to those looking to restart their careers. So, in case you missed them, here is a roundup of this fall’s [email protected] columns.

Thoughts on Career Success

4 Steps To Take When You Are Ready To Restart Your Career
The prospect of returning to work after a few years away can seem daunting. But like any big challenge, it helps to identify a few concrete steps to move yourself forward. I’ve outlined four actionable steps you can take to begin your path to re-entering the workforce.

How To Avoid Burnout In A High-Achieving Career
Workaholism is a fast path to misery. But you don’t need to be a workaholic and give up the life you love to have a fulfilling and successful career. I’ve shared a few strategies to find success, joy, and balance in your career and your life.

How To Network Without Feeling ‘Icky’
Many people dread networking, even though they know it’s a key strategy for career growth in today’s job market. Are you one of the many who hate networking? Maybe all you need is a different perspective. Here are a few thoughts on why networking is important and some ideas for making it more enjoyable.

How to Try On a New Career
Feeling stuck in your career but not ready for a big change? Consider two specific moves: same job, new company or new job, same company. It’s a chance to “try on” a new career with a smaller commitment.

Thoughts on Maintaining a Work/Life Balance

3 Ways To Deal When Life Gets Crazy
Even the most perfectly balanced life can get thrown out of whack by new schedules, illness and other temporary changes to our routine. Here are three strategies to cope when everything seems a little crazy.

How To Stop Feeling Busy All The Time
We are all so super busy that it’s stressing us out! But what if the stress is coming not from your schedule, but from all the frantic talk about how busy you are? Here are four strategies to change the narrativeand change your life.

Stressed Out at Work? Stop Doing These Five Things at Home
When work is more stressful than usual you may need to drop a few things at home to take the pressure off. We’ve outlined five things from your home life that should be the first to go. Maybe once you’ve dropped them, you will want to leave them there.

Time Management Is a Waste of Time—Manage Your Energy Instead
Traditional time management focuses on how to do more in less time. But that strategy just leads to you being overwhelmed and exhausted. By prioritizing activities that give you energy you can get the important things done and enjoy your life.

Four Gifts to Give Your Future Self
Everything you do in the present has repercussions for future you. Do something today to set your future self up for success. This article shares a few specific ways to make life a little better for Future You.

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