Oracle Data Cloud: Connect More Deeply with Customers

Oracle Data Cloud operates the BlueKai Data Management Platform and the BlueKai Marketplace, the world’s largest audience data marketplace. Leveraging more than $3T in consumer transaction data, 5B+ global IDs and 1,500+ data partners, Oracle Data Cloud connects more than two billions consumers around the world across their devices each month.  Oracle Data Cloud is made up of AddThis, BlueKai, Crosswise, Datalogix and Moat.

Oracle Data Cloud helps the world’s leading marketers and publishers deliver better results by reaching the right audiences, measuring the impact of their campaigns and improving their digital strategies. For more information and free data consultation, contact The Data Hotline at

Our success is based on maintaining a healthy, winning culture. We do this by offering programs focused on growing and developing people, modern and inclusive work spaces and the ability to get things done in an entrepreneurial environment. Come and check out why it is good to be part of Oracle Data Cloud.

“Finding the right people is the most important priority for a fast-growing business. Yet many companies ignore one of the largest and best qualified pools of available talent, people who have stepped away from the workforce as caregivers. Oracle Data Cloud is proud to partner with Path Forward to help talented employees return to work while finding extraordinary candidates to meet our business needs.” -Eric Roza, SVP and general manager, Oracle Data Cloud