So you’ve decided that you want to return to work after caregiving. Now what? The path towards a successful career reentry starts with a solid strategy, especially in a challenging job market. This webinar will show you how!

Watch Tami Forman explain how you can create your own personalized strategy for a successful return to work. She’s joined by Path Forward alumni Deepthi Parthasarathy and Alicia Schober, who share the strategies that kickstarted their return to work journeys at Walmart Labs and Sage Intacct.

Watch the entire session below, or skip to these sections:

3:03 How you might be conducting your job search right now- and how you can improve on it
4:35 How to develop a framework for your career strategy, no matter what you want to do, including:
5:30-12:22 Building your network
12:22-19:29 Creating a target list of companies
19:29-24:40 Writing a returner-oriented resume
24:40-26:30 Creating a sustainable routine for yourself
26:40-29:00 Hear the returner’s story: Alicia Schober
29:05-30:20 Hear the returner’s story: Deepthi Parthasarathy
30:30-35:25 How alumni Deepthi and Alicia approached networking
36:00-40:57 How did the alumni described their career gaps to hiring managers and recruiters
40:47-47:22 How they navigated figuring out what job level to apply to
50:16-56:40 How they felt during their job search and what helped them keep going
57:50-1:00:20 The experience of restarting their careers while working with colleagues younger than them