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Welcome to the place where your career break won’t stand in your way! We provide resources specifically for people returning to work after a career break. Once you’re ready, use our Returnship Matcher to find opportunities with employers who support your return to work – and don’t mind your resume gap.

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Not sure where to start? Search our directory of all U.S. returnship programs to find one that fits you.

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The hardest talent to hire is experienced talent. Find out how a returnship or return to work program can help you attract skilled, mid-career professionals. Tap into Path Forward’s expertise and get step-by-step guidance for how you can start your own returnship program.

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“Thank you Path Forward for enabling smart, competent women get back to their careers.”

Susannah M. | 2020 Returner, Seeq

“I saw my son become more independent and felt it was the right time to return to work.”

Rachna P. | 2021 Returner, Allstate

“I immediately noticed one change - I was hearing back from employers!”

Drew S. | 2021 Returner, Motorola Solutions

Caregiving is the #1 reason why prime working age people aren’t active in the workforce – and they’re mainly women, by a 12:1 ratio.

Returnships bridge the gap between employers and highly qualified returners. The programs overcome the hiring stigma that makes returning to work a tough road for parents and other caregivers.

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