Asana is a work management platform that provides teams with a living system of clarity so they can focus on their most impactful work. Asana helps teams orchestrate their work, from small projects to strategic initiatives. More than 100,000 paying customers and millions of teams around the world, from small businesses to large enterprises, rely on Asana, including Amazon, Sephora, Sky, Spotify, Viessmann and Woolworths.

Do Your Best Work and Thrive at Asana

At Asana we’re building a better way to work, fueled by transparency, trust, and technology that is a force for positive change in the world. Our goal is to be so inclusive that you are confident in being your true, authentic self at work every day. Our efforts include: 

We’re growing fast to achieve a big mission that drives us every day. Passionate and curious people like you will help us achieve it. A supportive team, award-winning culture, and unique growth opportunities will empower you to do your best and most impactful work at Asana.

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