Success Story: Janelle Pelletier

Janelle Pelletier

Name:  Janelle Pelletier

Return Path position: Service Delivery Support Coordinator

Career past life (What did you do?):  Before I took time off to raise a family, I was an IT systems engineer specializing in HP-UX, systems management and data protection. Prior to that, I worked as a chemical engineer with an environmental consulting firm in air quality compliance and total chemical management.

How long were you out of the workforce?  I was out of the workforce for almost 13 years to raise our three children.

Return Path role (What do you do each day?):  My responsibilities on the service delivery team in Email Optimization have been split between special team projects and shadowing the technical account managers. The first project was to create an internal website for the service delivery team to provide a central location for the entire company to get information on who we are, how we service our customers, and how to engage the service delivery team. This project gave me the opportunity to talk with many different groups within Return Path and gain a good working knowledge of the business. Currently, I work with a team to create a technical reference guide for use by the account coordinators and technical account managers to better support customers and troubleshoot potential issues. Through this project, I am gaining a better knowledge of the technical aspects of the email lifecycle. On a daily basis, I also work with the technical account managers to monitor customer accounts and help troubleshoot potential issues with overall email deliverability and sender reputation.

Crossover (What skills from your past life do you use in your new position?):  My technical mindset and writing skills have been valuable for both the team projects and the daily troubleshooting.

What does the Return to Work program mean to you?  I feel so honored to be part of this amazing program. It has been very fulfilling to be part of a team again. It has given me the confidence to know that I’m not alone in this transition and that I can provide a valuable contribution in today’s workforce. The leap back into the workforce isn’t as scary as I thought!

What do you hope to get out of it?  I am excited to expand my knowledge and learning about a new industry. My hope is to update my skills and gain additional experience that can be used to find a permanent position.

What advice would you give to future Returnees?  Take advantage of all of the opportunities offered during the program and learn as much as you can. Remember, even if your most recent experience (volunteering, school PTO, etc.) isn’t related to your past career or training, it is still part of your story. So use it, leverage it, and build on it to move yourself forward and define a new career. You can do this!

Where did you hear about this Program?  I learned about the Return to Work Program through a mutual friend of a Return Path employee. We all graduated from the same high school in Arvada, Colorado!

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