Is this the year you’ll start a new job? Let Path Forward help you get started!

This webinar is for anyone looking to return to work after a career break. You’ll discover what’s really important to think about before you start job hunting – the questions to ask and initial steps to take that will set you up for a focused, productive, and successful search.

Whether you’ve been out of the workforce for two years or 20+ years, our panel of experts and alumni will prepare you to find a rewarding job that reflects who you are now and where you want to be.


  • You can view and download the slides used in this session here.

About the Presenters

Thank you to our presenters for joining us to provide valuable advice!

Krystal Hicks
Krystal Hicks is one of Path Forward’s most popular guest speakers! The founder of JOBTALK, she was previously director of career services at the University of New Hampshire and US recruitment manager for Lindt Chocolate USA.


Destiny Colon
Destiny Colon is program director for Path Forward, heading up return-to-work services for returners and employers. She has more than eight years of experience providing workforce development services to non-traditional candidates.


Vatsala Syed
Vatsala Syed is leader of the people analytics group at Wawa, where she blends her expertise in technology and human resources. She completed a returnship at Campbell after being out of the workforce for four years for family caregiving.


Fharzana Elankumaran
Fharzana Elankumaran is a senior product manager at Supernatural. She completed a returnship in 2019 at Walmart Labs where she restarted her career after being out of the workforce for four years for caregiving responsibilities.