Path Forward has partnered with Lam Research to offer 2023 returnships. Applications are now being accepted. Click each returnship listing for position requirements and details. Apply today!



About the Lam Research Returnship Program
At Lam Research, we’re excited to partner with Path Forward to support returners like you. We appreciate the skills, experiences, and perspectives you bring to our company and teams.

Our 16-week, paid returnship program is set aside for returning caregivers like you! The positions are open to professionals with at least five years of experience who are returning to the workforce after a career break for caregiving of one or more years. If you meet these criteria, we welcome you to apply.

During the returnship, you’ll have the opportunity to sharpen your skills, update your resume with new experience, make connections, contribute to a team, and possibly convert to a full-time position. Along the way, you’ll receive invaluable advice and professional development from Lam Research managers and from Path Forward.

About Lam Research
At Lam, we’re on a mission to drive semiconductor breakthroughs that define the next generation. Making semiconductors is a highly complex and iterative process. And as technology gets smaller, we think bigger, meeting the challenges of precision control at the atomic scale. For every innovative product you see, we’re already thinking… what’s next?

We believe you can’t identify an innovator through innovation alone—it’s through collaboration, precision, and delivery. As a fundamental enabler of the fourth industrial revolution and trusted partner to the world’s leading semiconductor companies, we welcome challenges and promise to deliver. How do we get there? By combining superior systems engineering, technology leadership, a strong values-based culture, and an unwavering commitment to prove our customers’ next big thing. 

Working at Lam Research

Let’s Define Tomorrow, Together
Exceptional people come together to work at Lam Research. Every day we drive the precision and accuracy that enable our customers to create the world’s most incredible technology–working at scales 1,000 times smaller than a grain of sand. Our talented people are what make our leadership in the industry possible. To enable this incredible level of innovation, we maintain a strong collaborative culture. A space where you’re encouraged to seek out challenges and engage the expertise of others to co-create the highest quality outcomes. No matter your area of expertise, you’ll play a key role in helping prove what’s never been done before. And do it right, time and time again.

Tomorrow’s Success Means Investing in You Today
Whatever your area of expertise, you’ll find opportunity, growth, new experiences, and a buzzing culture of collaboration in our offices around the world. Through multiple development channels, you will be empowered and supported on your career journey at Lam. We make sure you start growing from day one with our personalized New Employee Onboarding and Assimilation Program, which connects you to your manager, your team, a designated buddy, and online resources to help in your onboarding. You’ll receive classroom and online training not only on our culture and core values, but also specific courses appropriate for your role and function.

Committed to Inclusion, Diversity, and You
A successful workplace needs many perspectives. We know that inclusion and diversity enable innovation, mutual respect, and growth, so we actively foster and promote it in the global STEM pipeline—from elementary schools to universities and professional organizations. It’s why we support community outreach, university sponsorships, and professional networking events for our employees.

To us, success means reflecting the communities where we work and the customers we serve. That’s the kind of success we’re constantly striving for.