Success Story: John Bortscheller

John Bortscheller

Name: John Bortscheller

Return to Work Internship position (and company):

Associate Account Executive (sales department) for ReadyTalk

Career past life (What did you do?):

I was a corporate account manager, selling data network systems for Verizon Business.

How long were you out of the workforce before entering the Return to Work program?

I was out of the workforce for more than 7 years to take care of my two young children.

What was your experience trying to find a job before the program?

My job search was limited as I was a stay-at-home Dad for two kids. My youngest started kindergarten in fall 2015, so I’d just begun my search when I came across the ReadyTalk return to work opportunity in September 2015.

Internship role (What did you do each day?):

Outbound sales prospecting for the ReadyTalk small-to-medium business sales team.

What are you doing now?

Now I am doing in the same role but for the large and enterprise business sales team.

Crossover (What skills from your past life do you use in your new position?):

My experience in email and telephone outreach proved very helpful in my Path Forward position.

What does the Return to Work program mean to you?

It provided an amazing opportunity to re-start my sales career with a progressive organization.  I’m learning current sales technologies and techniques, catching up on all that I’ve missed over my long career gap. I’m also very happy to work on teams again!

What was your main goal for the program? Did you achieve it?

I aspired to work my way into full-time employment. After the program I was hired by ReadyTalk, so yes!

What advice would you give to future Returnees?  

Instead of only focusing on full-time hire opportunities, consider a return to work program as an avenue to get your foot in the door with a smart company.  You’ll have five months to polish your skills, learn new ones, establish your presence within the sponsor company…and hopefully get hired full time to bridge your resume gap for good!

Where did you hear about the program?  

ReadyTalk HR posted on my neighborhood forum and I applied.


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