Path Forward Alumni Network 

The Path Forward Alumni Network is made up of an incredible group of professionals, now more than 1,000 members strong. Membership confers many benefits, including lifelong connections and special learning opportunities.

How do you join? Membership is automatic. The moment you complete a Path Forward-powered returnship, you are welcomed into this exclusive community without regard to conversion status. It’s another way Path Forward supports alumni in paving a post-returnship path.

Lifelong Connections

The transition back to the workforce is not easy. No one knows this better than Path Forward alumni.

Because the experience is so life changing, those who participate in a return-to-work program often form close bonds with other members of their cohort. Even years later, many returners stay in touch and support each other through life and job changes.

A private group is set aside just for alumni within the Path Forward Community. This offers an easy way for alumni to connect to share wins, news, job openings, and more with other professionals who understand where you’ve been and cheer for where you’re going.

Networking and Learning Events

Periodically throughout the year, Path Forward brings together alumni for exclusive networking and learning sessions. Recent events have included “How to Ask for a Promotion” and “What to Do After a Lay Off” as well as open networking sessions.

Career Advice

The alumni newsletter offers up-to-date career advice and resources. Alumni are also welcome to request one-on-one career sessions with members of Path Forward’s program team.

Volunteer Opportunities

Time and again, alumni step up to share their time, advice, and assistance to support returners just starting out.

  • Personal stories – Alumni are a source of inspiration for what can be a discouraging and confidence zapping process. Many alumni give back by sharing their stories via:
    • Webinars
    • Professional development sessions for those currently in a returnship
    • Success Story articles
    • Media interviews
  • Individual advice – Alumni often become “Path Forward famous” because of their knowledge and experience as returners. Many respond generously with their advice on LinkedIn and in the Path Forward Community.
  • Board service – Neema Bollampally is an alum and also a member of the Path Forward Board of Directors. Additional opportunities for alumni to serve on advisory boards will be announced soon.

Club Purple Membership

All alumni are invited to join Club Purple, an exclusive program for those who support Path Forward by becoming monthly donors. Perks include access to exclusive member-only events, branded swag, and recognition in the alumni newsletter and website.

Our Gratitude

Path Forward is honored to have been part of each person’s journey back to work and is grateful for all the ways alumni lift while they climb.