Search Path Forward’s Returnship Matcher to Find Your Best Fit

Job searching after you’ve been out of the workforce for several years is daunting. You quickly find out how much things have changed. One thing that may be new to you, for example, is the concept of returnships.

Returnships bridge the gap between employers and highly qualified returners. They are supportive hiring programs that offer a pathway for mid-career professionals to return to the workforce and gain new skills and experiences after a career break. (Check out our FAQ: What Are Returnships? page for all the details.)

Luckily, Path Forward compiles the Returnship Matcher, the only directory of ALL returnship programs in the US, to help you find a good fit.

Why is a Returnship Matcher needed?

People step out of the workforce for many reasons – to take care of family responsibilities, to start a business, to follow a spouse to a different country, and more. Although these experiences add to who we are as employees (and humans), current hiring practices put those with a career break at a disadvantage when applying for jobs.

Because of this, paid returnships end up being an ideal way for many people to return to the workforce.

What does the Returnship Matcher include?

The Returnship Matcher is a directory that includes information about every returnship program offered by US employers. It provides the company or organization’s name, the length of the returnship program, locations, whether the program includes Path Forward support, and – most importantly – whether the program is currently accepting applications.

The directory is updated weekly by Path Forward staff.

To help narrow your options, the matcher has filters so you can find programs that best fit your preferences, experience, and goals. You can filter by location, for example, and by job type (technical or corporate). You can also see your options based on the years of experience and length of career break the employer requires.

How does the matcher help me?

Previously, there was no one-stop source to find returnship programs. Job seekers interested in them would have to search through multiple company sites and random lists to find what’s available.

The Returnship Matcher makes it easy for you to discover programs and opportunities. At a glance, you can find what your current options are as well as what might open up in the months ahead based on when an employer typically offers new returnship positions.

Should I only apply for returnships?

Now that you know about returnships, you may be wondering: Should I Apply for Returnships or Regular Jobs or Both? We think returnships offer many advantages, especially for individuals with technical skills who have taken a career break for caregiving. Check out our advice and suggestions.

How do I find out about newly opened returnships?

The Returnship Matcher is updated each Friday with the latest information we’ve compiled from employers.

Another option is to view the Get Hired page to find Path Forward powered returnships that are currently accepting applications. These are also highlighted each week in our Friday newsletter – subscribe to receive a list of the newest opportunities, plus information on upcoming events, helpful career advice, and more.


The Path Forward Returnship Matcher is a nonprofit service of Path Forward, with generous funding from the Weller Family Foundation.