The Bar Has Been Raised: Amazon Commits to 1,000 Returnship Opportunities

Yesterday, Amazon announced a commitment to hiring 1,000 returners through their returnship program. This is by far the biggest goal that a company has set for a returnship program. 

We’ve proudly worked with Amazon on their returnship program since 2019, and we’re thrilled to be a part of this major expansion. We know returnships help everyone – not just professionals eager to return to their careers and show off their skills, but companies seeking top talent, too. Amazon’s returnship program has already provided an on-ramp for many professionals to successfully return to work through their program, like Software Development Engineer Heidi McAllister and Financial Analyst Michelle Hopkins, both of whom took breaks for child care, transitioned back to the workforce with a returnship at Amazon, and now work there full-time in their career fields.

Five years ago, when we launched Path Forward, we encountered a fair amount of skepticism about whether or not those out of the workforce could be viable candidates for jobs. But today, we can say that the more than 90 companies we’ve worked with have hired 80% of their returnees. And we see similar results across the entire sector as we track programs outside our network. This program works. It works for big companies and small companies. It works for technology jobs and corporate jobs. It just works. 

So what is the rest of corporate America waiting for? We think 2021 will be one of the biggest years on record for returnship programs with about 100 or so companies running programs this year. That’s great news, but not nearly enough. 

Amazon has raised the bar. And here is our message to companies today:

  1. If you have a returnship program, make it bigger. Invest in this talent pool — you will see a massive return from the talent you bring into your company. 
  2. If you aren’t running a program yet, email us and find out how easy it can be to start one. The model has been proved at companies of all sizes, from fast-growing start-ups to the largest and most successful companies on the planet. What are you waiting for? Join the movement now.