Returning to the workforce and think you want to do something different? Whether you’re not yet sure if pivoting careers is right for you, or you’ve decided to make a change and don’t know where to start, our webinar will help you figure out what kind of pivot you should make, ways to leverage your network, how to access your transferable skills, and more!

Path Forward’s Tami Forman is joined by Amit Pandya, a Talent Acquisition executive, and Ellein Cheng, who pivoted from teaching math to working as a data scientist, as they share their expertise and successful experience making a career change.

Watch the entire session below, or fast-forward to these timestamps to learn how to:

  • Decide if you should pivot (1:10-4:43)
  • Network, and what to ask in informational interviews (4:43-7:25)
  • Transfer your existing skills into a new field (9:00-12:30)
  • Figure out if you need to reskill or upskill (12:30-15:00)
  • Decide if you need a career coach (15:00-16:45)
  • Use a returnship to change careers (16:45-18:09)
  • An example of a successful pivot: Amit explains how he pivoted from a law to talent acquisition (29:12-34:10)
  • Ellein explains how to stay motivated through the double challenge of returning to work and pivoting careers (34:35-36:15)
  • Deal with indecision and choose what you should return to work in (36:15-42:27)
  • Counter the argument that you are overqualified for a more junior position (42:28 – 45:11)
  • Close the hands-on experience gap that recruiters are looking for (45:25-47:40)
  • Network with people in a new industry, and why refining your story will help (47:40-57:10)