5 Ways to Take Your Job Search Out Into the World

The internet revolution has been a boon for parents and caregivers in so many ways. We can use a variety of platforms to connect with each other across states and time zones and also find others like us, right around the corner. The internet has also made working from home possible in a whole new way. And for those looking to restart their careers it is now possible to launch a full-fledged job search from home.

But for all the technology available to us, it’s still critical to get out of the house for something other than errands and school pick-up. Here are some ideas for activities that you might consider to increase your chances of landing a great opportunity:

Attend a conference: There are conferences specifically aimed at professionals looking to return to work. You can also check out trade associations for your profession, as well as your alma mater and media organizations in our area. All of them are likely to run regular events and conferences where you can learn new skills, expand your network and get inspired.

Organize a reunion of former colleagues: People love to see former colleagues. But no one ever seems to have the time to organize a reunion. Be the one to pick a date, pick a place and send out an invite! It’s a great (and fun) way to connect with a bunch of former colleagues in one go. And, if you have access to an online alumni group on LinkedIN or Facebook you can invite a bigger group than just the coworkers you knew personally which turns it into an opportunity to make new connections.

Have breakfast(s): For many busy professionals early morning meetings are easier than midday ones. Invite former coworkers and classmates to breakfast. Make it clear that you are looking to reconnect and get advice and that you are not looking for them to get you a job.

Go to a Meetup: There are Meetups on every topic you can imagine, including many that directly relate to returning professionals. Girl Develop It and Women Who Code, for example, has Meetups around the country. You can focus on finding groups that will help you network, update your skills and more.

Take a class: There are lots of great online options for those who want to refresh skills in advance of a job search. But you can add the bonus of getting out into the world if you sign up for a class that is in person. Many of these classes include working professionals looking to advance their careers, which makes them an excellent networking opportunity.

2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Take Your Job Search Out Into the World

  1. Hello. That’s good advice if you live in or near a city or an area that has more than one industry. But what if you live in a depressed area where the biggest employer is a college and the nearest city is 4 hours away? And moving without a job is not an option? My job was outsourced so I had to move from a city to my hometown. And I’ve been underemployed working min wage jobs ever since.

    I went back to school and took classes for the last 3 years completing a certificate to compliment my experience, and I continue to take MOOC classes. I’ve always volunteered and currently serve on a couple of boards. And I have a social presence. I stay current and my work experience still has value, but employers are short-sighted.

    To do the things suggested in this post I would have to travel a minumum of 4 hours or further to attend. Locally, I’ve been to every event and org gathering, and it’s the same people underemployed and looking for work. Being long term underemployed, I exhausted my network long ago. I’ve joined online groups and attempt to make new connections online and the ROI is abysmal. But what choice do I have?

    During this struggle of acquiring a proper job, I have yet to find suggestions or advice that addresses the hurdles people like me are faced with. People who can’t move without a job and don’t have opportunities where they live. I know I’m not the only one.

    Thanks for listening. And I look forward to some constructive advice.

  2. Grace — Thank you for your comment and I’m sorry we are so late to replying. We had a terrible spam problem with our comments. Your problem is a tough one, there’s no question. There are more companies that are looking for or open to remote work. I would recommend checking out the company Power to Fly — they specifically recruit for remote jobs. But there are companies now that are 100% remote. And many others that are open to remote arrangements.

    I know those jobs are still hard to find and to get. I wish I could give you a better answer.

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